Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for IPTV Playlist Customization Tool

1. Purpose of the Tool:

The primary goal of this tool is to aid users in customizing their IPTV playlists. Many users find this tool beneficial, especially those utilizing VLC apps or other apps that have challenges with large playlists. This tool is currently offered for free, exclusively for TVpluspanel clients using Dino IPTV playlists.

2. Data Handling:

3. Usage Guidelines:

Users can utilize the tool as required, but misuse, especially for deceptive reselling purposes or scam activities, is strictly prohibited.

4. Misuse and Consequences:

Any detected or reported misuse will lead to potential actions, which might include temporary or permanent bans from using the tool.

For feedback, concerns, or issues, please contact us through the details provided on our main website,